Ottawa Books Not Bombs:

This group is dedicated to the principles of knowledge and resource-sharing through reading and group discussions.

We felt that this group was needed…

…because a large part of building movements for change includes self and group education.

…because there is a need to support each other through processes of unlearning the destructive thoughts and behaviours that are widely perpetuated by our society.

  • Thus we strive to unlearn and deconstruct systems and behaviours that oppress: people of colour, indigenous people, women, transfolks, gender queer people, poor people, working class people, queer people, lesbian/gay people, people with disabilities, big/fat people, sex workers, immigrants, people without status, and criminalized populations: prisoners, HIV positive people, drug users, and street folk

…because through education and knowledge sharing, we can both grow as individuals and also be better equipped to challenge these larger systems of oppression, moving towards living in a more peaceful, loving and just world.

…because when we gather together we create spaces that foster the growth of loving relationships.

…because institutionalized education, while sometimes beneficial, can be largely alienating, isolating and extremely inaccessible.


Our group will strive to make this learning process as accessible as possible.
We will do our best to ensure the following:
*we always meet in a wheel-chair accessible space,
*ASL translation will be made available for those who request it in advance,
*braille resources will be provided-free of charge, to those who need it,

*books will be provided to those who cannot access them through libraries/book stores, *books and articles chosen will all be written in accessible/ easy to understand language, *reading notes of the week’s book/article will be posted prior to each meeting,
*child care will be made available to those who request it in advance,
*food will be provided at each meet (possible servings and pot-luck rotations)

If there is anything we have forgotten on this list, please feel free to email us to ask about a specific need and we will get back to you as well as add this onto our accessibility list.


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